About Us

William and Nadia are a pair of New Yorkers that have known each other since 1992. After getting together in March 1993, Nadia has moved around the country and William has followed her. So far, they’ve lived in NY, CT, MD and CO.

Together, they are Nintendo and Xbox gamers, Dungeons & Dragons nerds, crazy cat people and car nuts. Below is some info on them and their family.

Nad at 2 years old

Trini and Black, born in ’77

Born under the sign of Pisces, Nad couldn’t embody her astrologically-determined personality more than she already does.

In terms of hobbies, Nad is first and foremost a diehard Nintendo fangirl. Second, she is a stalwart General Motors girl. Third, she is a crafter of considerable skill.

Her warm and lovable exterior hides a raging ball of hatred for Sony electronics, Honda vehicles and bad drivers.

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Will at 2 years old

Puerto Rican, born in ’78

Born under the sign of Virgo, Will can be as anal as the sign suggests.In terms of hobbies, Will is a gamer first. Console, handheld, PC, pencil-and-paper, card and board games are all part of his favorite past time.

When not gaming or performing some other activity related to it (such as reading magazine or lurking on forums), he is learning about technology – in particular, Windows Mobile, smartphones, anything web-based, and personal computers.

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Harmoni: give me food, now.

Harmoni (a.k.a. Harm)
calico, born in the middle ages (RIP)

Harmoni is the newest addition to the family. During a trip to visit a friend, Nad came across this deaf cat that was abandoned by her family. Fearing for her ability to survive outdoors on her own, Nad brought Harmoni home.

Much like Daredevil, this cat demonstrates no fear. Things that would strike fear in the hearts of the other cats (such as a vaccuum running, Will running directly at her, etc.) simply do not phase this cat. She wakes up every morning only to drink cold water out of a running faucet, to eat soft food out of a can, and to use the litter box. Anything else is unneccessary, and not worth her time.

Sara: you want me to drink this?

Sara (a.k.a. Honey, Bunny, Tank)
turkish van, born in January ’96

Sara was the oldest of the group before Harmoni joined the group. She is still sour, and her mean streak is still present. She has become more social over the years, able to sit in the same room with other cats.

She joined the family years ago when Will was asked to “watch her for a couple of weeks.” Since then, Sara has been Will’s partner-in-crime through his last three years in college, a stint living in the frat house, in Maryland and now here in Colorado.

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Patches: you have turkey?

Patches (a.k.a. P. Kitty, Punky)
calico, born in ’97

Patches is the last cat from Nad’s old home in NY. Adopted by Nad’s sister, Patches was raised by their dog Bubbles. As the family moved from that house to the one they current reside in, Nad swooped in and took Patches with her to MD.She seems to have a long-standing feud with Sara. They cannot occupy the same space for even a short period of time before Patches starts swinging and hissing.

When she isn’t fighting with Sara, she is normally sitting at Nadia’s side or feet.

Luna: you have tuna?

Luna (a.k.a. Lunatic, Moon Pie)
tortoise shell, born in ’99

Luna is the first cat we adopted after moving to MD, she is also the first cat that Nad ever paid money for, since our cats tend to be rescues or taken from someone else who can’t take care of them.This cat seems to be very insecure and in constant need of attention. Nad cannot call the name of another cat without Luna answering the call.

She is the embodiment of the term “fraidy-cat,” as she seems to be afraid of damn near everything.

Tabi: it is effing cold out here!

Tabi (a.k.a. Leni, Tubs)
tabby cat, born in ’01

Tabi was one of a litter of four, born to a stray cat in a friend’s neighborhood up in NY. One kitten was already adopted, leaving three. We went to NY to grab two of them for another friend. Looking down in the box, we saw the single gray kitten that had no place to call home. We felt awful. Even though we did not intend on adopting another cat, we decided to take Tabi home with us. She was the runt of the litter. Tabi has not grown much, and is significantly smaller than her siblings. She spends a lot of time running laps around the house, seemingly chasing something that no one else can see.

This tabby doubles as Nadia’s alarm clock, waking her up every morning minutes before her electronic alarm clock goes off.

Leila: get the eff out of my face.

Leila (a.k.a. Lady)
black cat, born in ’01

Leila is Tabi’s sister. Her mom dropped her off with us some time ago (I’ve lost track of when). She is very laid back, with little want to do anything. Leila simply relaxes on the bed or anywhere else that seems comfortable.

The only time she is active during the day is in the morning when Will takes a shower – she runs into the room with him and sits on the toilet, presumably guarding him from the bathroom monsters that lurk on the other side of the mirror.

Todd: pet me!

Todd (a.k.a. Boy)
johnny cat, born in ’01

Todd is Tabi’s brother. When Leila’s here with us, so is he. A large, long and slender cat, Todd enjoys following the female cats around. His presence makes them uncomfortable, which led to many hisses and scratches. Otherwise, nothing made him happier than to lay on his back in front of the window as the sun poured in.

When he wasn’t doing that, he would fill in for Leila on “bathroom buddy” duty on her days off.

Tiki: water is good

Tiki (a.k.a. Tikitron)
orange tabby, born in the early 90s (RIP)

A friend of Nadia’s asked us to watch after her boy, Tiki. He got along pretty well with the rest of the cats.

When he wasn’t sleeping, he was stalking Patches.

Umi: beaten the hell up.

Umi (a.k.a. Umichan, Overdrive)
Nissan Altima GXE, born in ’95 (RIP)

Purchased in Connecticut toward the end of Will’s time in college, Umi is his first car. Having her allowed him to take a job in the corporate world (since CT’s public transportation system is awful for inter-city travel).

Umi is a member of the Decepticon faction. Specifically, she is a Stunticon (since Gen1 Decepticons are typically aircraft, not cars). If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry about it. For those that do – you rock.

In mid-2003 we were involved in a car accident that rendered Umi unsuitable for driving. She was donated to charity sometime in 2007. Hopefully, she has had the opportunity to live up to her name of “Overdrive” again.

Mimi: look into my eyes.

Michiru (a.k.a. Mimi, Outrun)
Pontiac Grand Am SE, born in ’98

Mimi is Nadia’s second car. Purchased in Texas toward the end of her time in AIT, she got Nadia all the way from San Antonio to Washington, DC on her first cross-country trip. Mimi is a member of the Autobot faction. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry about it. For those that do – you rock even more (assuming you knew what Umi’s faction meant too).

Nadia has outfitted Mimi with several electronic upgrades (head unit, alarm system, etc.) as well as reflective vinyls that shine in the evening. She has long since hit the 100K-mile mark, the point at which many seem to believe that GM-built vehicles simply fall apart. Nadia doesn’t believe that for one second, and is proving that to be false every day.

Hotaru: I drive fast.

Hotaru (a.k.a. Taru, Redline)
Pontiac Vibe GT, born in ’02

Hotaru is Nad’s fourth car. The purchase of Hotaru was in response to the accident Umi was involved in. The insurance check received for that accident led to the purchase of Taru, a car that was both sporty and had a lot of utility. Hotaru’s faction is currently undetermined. Is she like Punch/Counterpunch, who plays for both sides, or is she like a Quintesson, who have no faction to speak of?

She is basically stock as is, with the exception of reflective vinyls that have been applied (just like the ones that Mimi has).